How we take your iOS
app idea to the next level

In a time when iOS apps earn highest revenues, it's no surprise why entrepreneurs are opting for custom iOS app development across all Apple devices. As a trusted iPhone app development company in Bangladesh, we boldly transform your idea inside out, make it ready to churn out money and feature it by assimilating technologies beyond your imagination. From iPhone to iWatch to iPad, we develop apps for all, with one of a kind user experience. Our iOS solutions can be tailored to business-specific needs. How we do it? By defying the norm - that makes your mobile application stand out in millions.

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Our avant-garde iPhone app development services

When you hire an iPhone app developers from Sky IT Development, a top rated iPhone app development company in Bangladesh, you get a team who are expert with all the major protocols for advanced IoT complexities, communication security, Big data architecture design or web and media kit. We strive to make performance optimum that ensure the success of your idea. Ready to create apps for iPad, Apple TV and everything Apple.

Custom iPhone App Development

When you hire iOS app developers from our company, you get a team experienced with understanding Ui UX, technical knowledge of XCode, Apple’s human interface guidelines and code data. So we can turn any custom iOS app idea to reality.

Wearable Applications

We take pride in developing custom wearable applications for smart watches, fit bits, smart glasses or any other smart wearable device. We can seamlessly make it wearable compatible. Our USP is in making wearable iOS apps minimalistic with our human centered design experience.

AR/VR iOS Apps

Be it Augmented or virtual reality, our iPhone app developers have experience in building interactive, robust and high tech applications using modern technologies and toolkits. Now creating high end AR/VR applications would be a breeze.

Blockchain Mobile Apps

Be it wallet apps, dApps or something related to cryptocurrency, we strive to deliver efficiency with iOS apps for Blockchain technology. With 4+ years of experience in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, dApp development, we can do it all.

AI/ML Apps with Siri integration

When iPhone/iPads are updating, we keep up the pace with most advanced Artificial intelligence solution to integrate with your iOS apps with Siri, the voice recognition technique and make your iOS app more humane.

Smart IoT apps

We work on the IoT technologies and maintain protocols like NFC, Wifi. We create robus iOS apps using AWS Lambda, Kinesis and Sumerian. Be it for smart home or industrial grade iOS app solution, we are ready with our Swift developers.

Technology choices for iOS development

Objective C

Our custom iOS app development process


For every iOS project that comes to us, we believe in running down the entire requirement to get a detailed idea of your business objective. We dig out the competitive landscape in the App Store, your preferences and do the UI prototyping for your iOS app idea manifestation.


Eliminating any assumption, we kick off the planning to set your project foundation. We'll sit with you to identify your brand USP, technical feasibilities, user stories, test cases and sprint planning, to draw the wireframe right inside out that speaks your story right to help initiate.


We design iOS applications based on the approved wireframes - low and high fidelity ones for web, tablet, and mobile specific designs. We believe in making designs human-centered for your iOS apps that make the app habit forming- keeping the end goal in mind- more revenues!


To make your app better than the millions, we take care of the development stage right from its start. Hundreds of hours go into coding that comes out clean and perfect - thanks to our smart app developers' team, who are adept in Objective-C, Swift and Xcode. Result? A delightful experience.

Testing, QA & Launch

From unit testing to manual, regression, security and automation testing, we do it all to ensure the outcome is bug-free prior to launch. We do quality testing rigorously from the early development stage that makes the app less complex and robust for every sprint/milestone.


Constant upgradation of your iOS app system on every software release or update is something that we do intelligently. We believe maintenance is one of the most important aspects of the app’s performance. In that way, we can audit the traffic load and server load every week.

The output - Exceptional iOS apps

We know how your app can define your business success. And hence our custom ios app development services will develop your iOS app that talk with your users.Our next level agile methodologies to create iOS apps is aimed to keep a check on coding quality, app’s performance, feature implementation and timely delivery. With our high-end data encryption, your user data is secured. Have anything specific to latest technology innovation? We can do that as well. And that makes one of the best ios app development companies in Bangladesh!

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Industries we excel in and more

Health and Finance

Health & Fitness

Get high-end mHealth solutions to improve medical care & patient services. Our tech solutions are redefining healthcare services.

Banking and Finance

Banking & Finance

Our smart & customer-centric solutions assist businesses to outsmart competitors and modernize banking and finance-related services.

Shopping and E-commerce

Shopping & E-Commerce

We design & develop user-engaging eCommerce applications to boost ROI, increase brand exposure, and skyrocket your online business.

Education and E-Learning

Education & E-Learning

Our high-end tech solutions revamp the education industry and assist it to offer students a more personalized eLearning experience.

Media and Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

We innovate the ways your audience experiences entertainment. Get next-generation solutions for media & entertainment landscape.

Blockchain and IoT

Blockchain & IoT

Let your customers experience the future and transform your business with our high-end Blockchain & IoT solutions.



With our AI/ML experts, we assist businesses to turn the big promises of AI/ML technologies into quantifiable business impact.

Our engagement


Dedicated hiring

Have a large project where you need a team for ongoing work under your control? Dedicated hiring is best for you. Pay as you go on a monthly basis. Get access to the best iOS app developers in the industry.

  • 8 Hours daily billing with best iOS app developer hourly rate
  • An exhaustive pool of developers with 4+ Years of experience
  • Get a dedicated account manager
  • Seamlessly communicate with Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack
  • Authorized Source Code
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your application performance

Time & material based hiring

If your scope is not defined, we recommend your going for Time and Materials based model. You get developers for the hours you need, based on your requirement.

  • Hire iPhone app developers for the hours you need
  • An exhaustive pool of developers with 4+ Years of experience
  • Seamlessly communicate with Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack
  • Authorized Source Code
  • Get complete control over your project development
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your application performance

Fixed price model

If your project scope is defined, you can go for a fixed pricing model. As you send your requirement, we will create a time break up with our proposal based on the features.

  • Hire a complete team of people you need
  • Dedicated project managers
  • An experienced pool of designers, architects, & developers
  • You can pay in milestones
  • Defined time for your project completion
  • You can do Change request with additional costs
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your application performance

Best Practices

Setting up Fix coding style guide

ios app ready
Setting up Fix coding style guide

There is no right or wrong coding style. We setup the best coding style before starting with our project. And the entire team follows these guidelines. These guidelines help us make our code more uniform and easier to read.

Deciding on our app architecture

ios app ready
Deciding on our app architecture

A good architecture makes our app more testable, easier to understand and reduce its maintenance cost. We either follow the traditional MVC architecture or the fancier architectures like MVVM or VIPER.

Efficient Dependency Management

ios app ready
Efficient Dependency Management

We mainly use one of the three ways to manage dependencies in our project: CocoaPods, Github Submodules, Carthage. It makes app development with swift smooth.

Setting Up Proper Schemes For App

ios app ready
Setting Up Proper Schemes For App

Schemes tell Xcode what should happen when we hit the Run, Test, Profile, Analyze or Archive action. Actually, they map each of these actions to a specific target to build configuration - and we take pride in it as the top iphone application development company.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

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Continuous Integration & Delivery

Setting up a continuous integration and delivery process has become critical nowadays as it helps us to squash out bugs quite early in our iOS app development cycle which saves a lot of developer’s time.

Certificates & Provisioning Profiles

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Certificates & Provisioning Profiles

This is one of the most painful and important steps required for testing and distributing an iOS app. Certificates are required for code signing to run an app on an actual device. This makes the outcome more favorable.

App Store Review Guidelines

ios app ready
App Store Review Guidelines

We are always updated. So whatever be the new App Store guidelines, we abide by it. This helps in submitting the app and get review faster and smoother. As a premium iOS mobile app development company, it's our responsibility to get your app accepted.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

ios app ready
Apple Human Interface Guidelines

User experience can make or break your app. And when you develop an app for iOS, UX has to be top notch. Hence we never miss to follow Apple’s human interface guidelines to ensure the app developed is at par with experience.