Highly-scalable, data-intensive, real-time web applications

Sky IT Development is a leading node js development company that promises to deliver the best web development services. With our package of modern tools and clean coding, your app can help you reach the top of the market sooner than you would've thought.

API Development & Integration

Our developers are perfectly skilled to design high performing customized API’s using database and integrate them with existing applications seamlessly. Hire node js programmer in Bangladesh today.

Nodejs Chatbot Development

Improve customer services with sensational technology of chatbots, developed using Node.JS. out in-house developers can develop chatbots to suit your business needs with reliability and speed.

Node.Js Plug-Ins Development

Enhancing the performance of your application with plugins. Our talented team of Node.JS developers is here to accelerate the development of Node.JS with various plug-in development.

Data Analysis Tools

Design a robust data analysis tool with an interactive dashboard to fulfill all your business needs with our Node.JS developers.

E-commerce Solutions

Our expert team of developers will use their extensive knowledge of Node.JS to create and deliver the perfect, reliable and secure E-commerce solution for you.

Custom NodeJS Programming

For your extra specific business needs, hire our Node.JS developers who can help you to build the perfect Custom Node.js program, fulfilling all your business requirements.

Covering industries that need scalable products

Our top Node.JS developers can work on the most advanced frameworks, across business verticals to provide the industries throughout the world well designed, feature-rich and futuristic app solutions.

Marketplace solution

Created the most advanced marketplace solution integrated with AI to power your online store. Get Omnichannel support.


Working with HIPAA-compliant software solutions, and PACS, to securely store and transmit electronic images and clinically-relevant reports.

Media & entertainment

Highly scalable business applications for music or video streaming utilizing AI/ML and serverless architecture from a top node js development company in Bangladesh.

Document management system

Cloud-based document management platform to scale your business which is elegant and sustainable.

Real estate

Efficient real estate business solutions for brokers, real estate dealers, and owners. Powered by AI and powerful CRMs.


A robust eCommerce store for your business. Leverage our Laravel expertise to strategize and development, project management.


Our security solution

Technology Benefits of Laravel developers

Top-rated Node js web development company

Create scalable web apps with the help of our skilled team of Node.js developers. With Node.js, you have a chance at better, and more successful app development than any other.

Your app and ideas are safe with the strict NDA protocol followed by us. The ownership of the codes created by our developers for your app belongs to you and no one else, we make sure of it.

Our Node.js development process is meant to provide an end-to-end project architecture to solve hiccups and hence a successful delivery with our expert Node js programmers.

We work with entrepreneurs and enterprise clients to nurture their early-stage projects from ideas to rapid prototyping to market-ready products. Leverage our Laravel resources for the same.

Fast-moving of fresh Agile methodology is what we follow. We quickly iterate where needed to deliver a vibrant application that is robust to take the business forward.

Another evident to trust us. We are the top-rated development team on Upwork. That means we are flexible to any idea and deliver an exceptional product with complete satisfaction.



Dedicated hiring

Have a large project where you need a team for ongoing work under your control? Dedicated hiring for Node js is best for you. Pay as you go on a monthly basis. Get access to the best Laravel experts in the industry.

  • 8 Hours daily billing
  • An exhaustive pool of developers with 4+ Years of experience
  • Get a dedicated account manager
  • Seamlessly communicate with Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack
  • Authorized Source Code
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your application performance

Time & material based hiring

If your scope is not defined, we recommend your going for Time and Materials based model. You get developers for the hours you need, based on your requirement.

  • Hire developers for the hours you need
  • An exhaustive pool of developers with 4+ Years of experience
  • Seamlessly communicate with Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, and Slack
  • Authorized Source Code
  • Get complete control over your project development
  • Assistance to scale your application performance

Fixed price model

If your project scope is defined, you can go for a fixed pricing model. As you send your requirement, we will create a time break up with our proposal based on the features.

  • Hire a complete team of people you need
  • Dedicated project managers
  • An experienced pool of designers, architects, & developers
  • You can pay in milestones
  • Defined time for your project completion
  • You can do Change request with additional costs
  • An all-inclusive project tracking
  • Assistance to scale your application performance

Developer Screening and Hiring


Developer screening and hiring

  • We match your requirement with our skills
  • Take interviews from the screened developers
  • Discuss your project time estimation
  • Involve PMs and account managers if needed


Project development

  • Catering the requirements for frontend and backend
  • Agile-scrum methodology for project execution
  • 2-3 weeks frequency for milestone/sprint
  • Optimized, clean code structure
  • Dedicated or fixed - get complete control over your project


Testing & delivery

  • Each sprint/milestone manually tested
  • Bugs reported and fixed before final deployment
  • Regression testing and final delivery as you approve

Node.JS benefits - Why go for NodeJS development

Ease of using a single language

With Node.JS developers can write both the front and back end side of the application with JavaScript. They don’t have to use any other programming language.

Great community

Node.JS has one of the biggest and supportive communities of developers who will help you with all and every problem you might face with development. This community is also supported by JavaScript programmers, providing ready-made solutions.

Full-stack Node.JS development

Node.JS is regarded as full-stack JavaScript for serving both the server-side and client end application. So there is no need for hiring separate developers for both front-end and back-end developers.

High-level performance

Node.JS Interprets JavaScript code through Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. The JavaScript codes are directly compiled into the machine code, making the code-implementation process a lot faster and easier.

Caching advantage

With Node.JS you get the facility of caching single modules. Which means the developers don’t have to re-execute the codes since caching allows the web pages to load fast and swift. It is one of our top Node js web development services.

Simultaneous request handling

With its non-blocking I/O system, Node.JS can process several requests simultaneously. The incoming requests are executed swiftly, making the app run faster.


To eliminate the chances of web attacks, we follow the best practices of writing secured codes while working on Node js. Our Node js developers are well-adept to the top best practices that compiled through Github as well as experience.

When you work with a dedicated Node js development team, you get complete access to real-time communication, scalable project development with our Agile methodology. Your application will be light, fast and highly efficient, giving you complete access.

We are willing to sign NDA and Service Agreement according to the client’s request, and as for email or fax, your convenience is our priority, so we can easily mail you a copy of the NDA.

According to the benchmarked quality structure, testing is something any good developer performs before submitting their work. And if you want, you can also hire Quality analysts or test engineers for better testing.

Hiring more employees at a later stage is absolutely fine and we would love to accommodate you.

You can give the employee a notice period and choose to eliminate them after that. We can also provide you alternate resources if you need.

All work projects built by your offshore team is considered as your intellectual property rights, so yes, all the source codes created by your offshore team is owned by you.

We can begin by discussing and finalizing the project requirements. Once we have done that, it’s a quick stop to documentation and then we can begin working on your project.

The best way for payment is going to be.

Yes, all the work projects created by your offshore team will be considered as your own intellectual property and you will have the exclusive right to use it as you want.

We help you remain on top of your game with our maintenance and support system. We take care of the crucial market trends to update your app as needed with a fresh contract.

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